So I recently finished watching Sound City, the Dave Grohl documentary about the studio where so many awesome albums were recorded. I know it’s been out for a while, but I gotta say this was the perfect time for me to see it. I am so inspired by the people, the musicians, and way amazing things happen when you create music together. I’ve been the most determined and focused recently than I probably have ever been when it comes to my music career.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to see a couple songs I wrote for my church grab radio-play across the country. I continue to have the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians and players that I know, and to be a part of some incredible shows.

I love playing with other musicians and I love writing music. I am inspired by artists that range in style, and in fact I’d say I’m inspired most by artists that aren’t limited by boundaries or a certain genre expectation and find themselves in a variety of creative outlets.

Over the years I have sought out many different projects. I fronted both a hardcore band and a rock band, and currently am playing bass for Nick Lynch, a country artist from Chicago. I have written and produced music for my church as well as a range of solo material that includes EDM, hip-hop, and pop influences.

I am now looking forward to the release of my first full-length album. It is simply entitled “Sixspeed,” the name of that rock band I started in 2009. What I watched in Sound City reminds me so much of the way this record was recorded. No, we didn’t have a Neve console, and I must admit to the use of Logic instead of 2 inch tape for the initial tracking, but it was the organic-ness about the way it all came together.

As the hardcore band I sang for was finishing up, I began writing a bunch of tunes on my acoustic and playing them for friends (and whoever would listen) at bonfires, parties, and even bought a street-performers license so I could play on the streets of Chicago.

I worked up a set of about 18 song ideas and worked it down to 12, randomly found a studio in a Lakeview area, fourth floor loft that was basically giving away recording time, and convinced my buddies from Bloodshed Promise to play on the record with me. We never met to play these songs together until we began tracking. When we put our parts down in the studio we were creating something at that very moment. It wasn’t always perfect, but just like at Sound City, the music encapsulated the life of the people that were playing it.

Now over five years after a few of my friends and I put this record together I am releasing it in its entirety. The “Panic and Questions EP” was released that contained 5 songs from the album but now I am excited to release the complete work. It is a rock album with powerful guitar riffs, accessible melodies, and memorable hooks. The songs are about life, my life, and the lives of those I care about. Ultimately, it’s about hope and the future.

I hope you enjoy it and connect with it. I look forward to recording a bunch of other tunes I have on deck with a bunch of cool people that I love hanging with… creating with, and sharing them with you!

Oh yeah, and by the way, welcome to!


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